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April 16, 2007


Michael Gutman

This I think is interesting. I am currently the marketing manager at and found this article interesting. You are correct when you mention that it is the marketer's job to bring business to the door and up to the attorney's to close the sale. However one forgets to mention that attorney's went to law school as opposed to sales/marketing school. A good effective law firm marketer should understand the struggles, obstacles, and common mistakes that many law firms make every day. That knowledge should be used to train lawyers how to effectively sell their business. I do this all the time, and it really helps our attorneys retainment rates.


I've always worked in professional services marketing but finding it difficult to get the right mix of experience to move up the ladder. Anyone have any suggestions on how I could gain experience fast?

Dylan Kilgore

I'm currently working for a company with 400 employees and I only make 42,000 a year. Are any of you hiring in the Seattle area?

Patrick Hillman

Clearly, there's something odd about that Philadelphia example. That "Director" should be making twice that much at a firm like that, in a city that big. Don't you think?

I suppose it just shows that the duties, empowerment, and responsibilities of those who work under the same title (Marketing Director) can be vastly different.

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