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March 11, 2006


Tom Young

I can't get into podcasting either. I do have a waterproof casing for my Ipod so I thought about downloading some legal related podcasts to listen to while I swim laps (swimming is so damn boring!), but I'll need to wait until the warmer water of the summer to give that a try.

Forrester Research put out a report recently saying things are slow on the podcast front.

Patrick McEvoy

Mark's report is awesome! I read it a few weeks ago and was blown away!

I still haven't bought into the whole "pod casting" scene though. Larry, as you pointed out in a recent post...only 13% of people know what a pod cast is. While I know what a pod cast is, I find them extremely time "inefficient."

Like most people, I can read at a rate that is ten times faster than human's just more efficient to read 60 pages in 20 minutes than listen to something for 2 hours.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

Patrick McEvoy

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