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January 20, 2006


Niche Marketing Guy

I find this post very interesting form the point of view that as a marketer, I work with software developers.

They too are blessed with multiple talents, but are in many cases hopeless at marketing themselves (at least in my niche anyway).

I've found I learn more about myself when working with such clients, than I actually teach them about marketing.

Stewart Alexander

M Hedayat

Really John:

I'm not one to defend us lawyers but, in case you're interested, it's not that lawyers can't "make up their mind" about salespeople. On the contrary, I'm POSITIVE that I dislike them. Know why? They LIE. That is, they say things that aren't true to get my business and then disappear when I need to follow up. By contrast, I am there for my Clients at all times -- at the beginning, middle, and end of the representation. Does THAT clarify the difference between a lawyer who sells and a salesman that lies?

M. Hedayat

John Feeney

Refreshing insight. Just alittle confused why the article finishes with what marketers have too do. Attorneys need to step-up and make some changes. Vendor relations are often severed because of this lack of understanding. Granted approaching firms with different approach say, making it their idea, can produce. However, my business services other markets that frankly don't put us through half the non-sense. Companies using marketing successfully are proactive, if the source is not, what result can be delivered. Attorneys moan they hate Salespeople, yet they cry for more clients. Make-up your mind....

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