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November 05, 2005




Dave Taylor

Actually, I disagree. You're missing a critical element: outsourcing the marketing and promotion. Seriously, that's why there are law firms, partnerships, and similar. You find one outgoing attorney and put her or him in front of clients, then distribute the workload to the "grinders" and "drones" to do the actual work.

This is no different from any other profession, is it?

David Easterly

Excellent depiction of the fundamental elements that differentiate a finder from a grinder. Often times a grinder will define themselves as having a strong aversion to sales. So they will build a wall against any form of business dvelopment coaching. However, they are probably lacking drive and confidence.

Mark Merenda

Could not agree more. The old model of law firm roles was: Finder, Minder, and Grinder. Each role is important, but you won't have much luck trying to make a Finder out of a Grinder — nor the other way around.

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