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July 06, 2005


Chris Scott

Interestingly, I just received the weekly email newsletter “Kibbles and Bytes”. It’s written by Don Mayer, the head of Small Dog Electronics, an Apple shop. He’s makes a very impassioned, succinct argument regarding the benefits of running Macs. You can sign up for his newsletters at

Chris Scott

Don’t look back!

Our law office has been on Macs for seven years; prior to that the partners used Macs at their old firm.

We are sold on Macs. I am able to do 99% of the IT work in the firm, including hardware upgrades, networking, and software upgrades.

The Macintosh platform and operating system are are simple to use, intuitive, and rock steady. Our Macs have never been whacked with a virus, although we constantly had problems with our Windows-based server (which has been replaced with a Mac server). The Mac community is very helpful and collegiate, and the MacLaw group mentioned in the earlier comment is an incredible resource.

Tim Stanley

Great Move!!!

And check out the MacLawyers mailing list at:

Grant D. Griffiths

I switched to Mac's last August. My only comment has always been, "why did I wait so long?" Best of all, I am no longer under the influences of the Dark Sith Lord Gates. Welcome to the good side of the force.

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