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May 20, 2005



Well I got a letter from them in the mail and I thought I was really singled out as an achievor in my field of work. So I thought what the heck. I filled out the application online. Couple days after a guy name Mark calls me and engage in a brief interview about my success in life. Well it all went well till he said all this would cost over $500 for a 5 year posting on a dumb plaque. When i declined he sent it down to 2 years, and on top of that pressuring me for my card number to charge the cash from my card over the phone. So I told him there must be some sort of review online where I can look you guys up and get feedback first. Thats how I stumbled accross this article with the comments. However I give them thumbs up for creating such a brilliant scheme to rob folks of their hard earned money. They should put their intelligence to stem cells and the cure for all sickness.

Randy Strausser

I was suckered in five years ago for 300.00 and they just billed my credit card another 228.95 just this month. No phone call no nothing. How does this company legally stay in business. I have not received one phone call from a recruiter in the five years I have been in the book

Tommy Anonymous

I have to choose "anonymous" because I em very ashamed at being suckered into this scam. Fortunately I can say this is the second scam I every fell for. I only wish that I had done my homework first. They played on my belief in my fellow man being good and trustworthy. Got me for $880 plus dollars. The "Engraved" Professional looking plaque is the only thing I have received (which is neither Engraved nor professional looking)- and to this day I hung on the wall in front of me to to see everyday serving the purpose reminding me that (Barnum Bailey quote) "there's a fool born every minute". But what I bet the follow on quote should be is that there is a scammer there to welcome him into the world an allowing the fool to give all his money to the scammer. Too bad this story is true. I made the misfortune of using debit card to pay for this honorable prestiges award. They have called me several times since then offering me other pretiges things of which I have declined - but this last call to pay for my copy of the 2007-2008 book takes the cake. They told me that they had tried to used the debit card information that they had on record but it had changed, could I give them the new information? I made it clear that I wanted nothing to do with thier organization - to take me off of thier lists. "I was not approving any purchases". They put me on hold - any other person got on line (remember the call could be recorded for training purposes) I repeated myself. I was quite clearly upset with them. a week later I discover a change on my debit card - this I could not believe, they have gone ahead and changed me for the book. To make things worse - they sent me a receipt showing the bill paid.
Of course they have seriously screwed the pooch - I will be passing this on to the FBI and the federal government will be in touch with them - my hope is that they will be forced to shut down.
Don't fall for there scam.


I unfortunately took the bait on Who's who a few years back. I just received an invoice that they just charged my charge account another $200.00 to fufill my 5 year membership. I had no previous notice of this. Although they stated an e-mail and notice in the mail had been sent. When I called to question it they became very rude and ignorant. I do admit to accusing them of being scam artist and there response was very inappropriate. They have no problem with customer service when they are trying to sign you up, but when you really need it there is no customer service. I was told they were not in the wrong that it was just not right that, it was money I owed them and that I was inappropriate in accusing them. Last word. Don't fall for it.


It is obvious none of you even realize what the Who's Who is or used for? This is one of the greatest networking tools available. These directorys list executives in companies all over and they are key decision makers! So if youy are in business and looking to make new business contacts what a great way to break the ice. I have made many business relationships from these directory's and opbtained some of my largest accounts.


I received a letter from Strathmore's Who's Who and thought it was neat, but was critical because it looked liked it was part of a mass mailing. I am in the healthcare industry and I thought it was weird when I didn't note any nursing or top research professionals listed. I Googled and I have found multiple sites talking about the scam. I love the internet! My ego is a bit hurt that I didn't receive a national recognition, but I think I would be more embarassed to have my name listed in Strathmore's Who's Who guide.


Strathmore's Who's Who same story, same lines, just got off the phone with them and they haven't changed there pitch at all.


Recieved a similar invitation from Biltmore Who's Who today. Says I was selected based on my "current standing as well as criteria from executive and professional rosters." What rosters? If they know so much about me, why do they need the name of my business? And since they want my cell phone # and email address, I figured it was just a scam to harvest this info. I'm sure for every response, they add it to their new list and turn around and sell the info. This isn't about recognizing the accomplishments of the American influential or creating a snapshot of American life. Its about the business of harvesting information for profit.


Just got off the phone with these folks. I'd never heard of them. I told them there was no way I was going to part with $700.00 without doing a little internet research first. The salesperson insisted that I had to make up my mind right then and there and that I couldn't go do the web research if I wanted to be in the book.

Really? >Click< (dialtone)

John Price

It's funny that some people have nothing better to do than talk bad about other companies. People are so concerned abot the original WHO's WHO well isn't there coca-cola and pepsi. Who was around first and don't they offer different products and services. Aren't there a million financial companies? So there is more than one whos who and they all deliver and offer different things. Strathmore's has been in business for over 15yrs. and I have received quite a number of contacts and will continue to utilize there services.


I have been a member with Strathmore's for about 2years now. I can honestly say I have made some really good business contacts through this directory. Worth the investment...

Wesley Setree

I just got off the phone with a salesperson, after having filled out the Strathmore's Who's Who info online a few days ago. She asked about my career, how long I've been in my career field and all that nonsense. She then went on to explain how this is a great source for networking, business contacts, etc. and how getting my name published would be an honor. I already knew where this was going... how much is it going to cost? She started out with the lifetime membership, then the 3-year, and after I told her I didn't have any immediate need to be in the listing, she told me about the 1-year membership. I declined all of the offers, then when she transferred me to the area that processes the "basic" listings, I just hung up the phone. At that point I realized that I needed to do some research online, which brought me to this posting. While the listing might provide some measure of benefit, I didn't feel like I was actually singled out as a successful businessman that warranted my name to be published with them. I was just another name on a mailer listing and it had nothing to do with my career or success. Thanks to everyone else who took the time to post a comment. Wow, now my name is posted on this web site... HAZAH!

sara brady

Heaven forbid that one becomes well-known for one's achievements instead of a self-promotional listing in a book.

Leona Doege

Through a odd chain of events, I confused Strathmore with Swarthmore college to which I have a connection. As a result I blindly sent in my reply card and was subsequently called by a representative (sales agent) of Strathmore Who's Who. The costs weren't discussed until the end of the conversation, but when I declined the sales agent was professional and courteous. People join these for a variety of reasons, none which I personally could justify. But, for those that can, I believe Strathmore's product and service meets the need. Give 'em a break and let people feed their egos!

Gina Covello

I was just called by Strathmore's Who Who and she went on about what an honor and how I could now put it on my resume. I asked her how she found me and she went on about how they have a research team to find only extremely qualified people. (I know I'm extremely qualified, but I don't need a book to tell me that.) After she got all my bio - mmm, now that I think about it, why didn't she know the schools I went to or my degrees if they had researched highly qualified people?!

Anyway, she started the sales spiel. I was perhaps interested in the $99 1 year membership and told her I would like to think about it. She immediately got angy and said, "Oh no, we are not going to go back and forth like this!" I told her I was very uncomfortable doing business with a company that cannot give me 24 hours to think about a business decision and a purchase.

She told me I had had plenty of time to research their company from when I first completed the info online (I don't even remember doing this.) Anyway, I repeated that I would not do business with someone who can't give me 24 hours to think about something. I CAN'T IMAGINE TREATING MY CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT. I would want them to have all the info and be very sure they wanted to engage in business with me. I would never tell them, "Now, or never." That just isn't sound practice. So, when I hung up with her, I googled Strathmore right away and this is the first hit I found! No wonder she didn't want me to research first.

Konrad Roeder

I recently received an invitation for my Irish Setter Spencer to join the registry of Strathmore's who's who. To be chosen for inclusion "candidates must have held a position of responsibility or have attained a significant achievement in their field." I still wonder what he did in order to get included in the mailings besides to get nominated by one of my friends.


First of all who's who is no different from any company in the world who charges for products and services. There is no charge for a listing; however doesn't it make sense that people pay for products. Are any of you people giving away anything for free? You're coming down on companies who charge for products and services. It's a valuable networking source if you utilize it.

unbiased individual

suresh before you go accusing anyone of deceptive business practices, you should make sure you have legitimate grounds for doing so..I personally declined membership and was given a complimentary listing in back of book...the term no obligation means that you make the decision as far as being member goes...I knew that I didn't want the membership, but I allowed the representative the opportunity to inform me of the complimentary listing and how to set it up, which I am guessing you did not do....perhaps you need to do further research...this company wouldn't have lasted fifteen yrs and have good record with bbb if their practices were deceptive in nature.


What a bunch of baloney.. In this age of Internet info. glut, who gives a crap about getting listed in a BOOK? Starthmore's etc. need to be investigated for deceptive practices, about their "no obligation" claim.


Back in 1995, I took a job with a Who's Who company in Massapequa, N.Y. thinking they were like the Who's Who of my era when it really meant something and was a staple of reference departments in most libraries. On my very first day, the admin girl walked out because of the abuse of the boss. I would soon get to know what this was all about. It's a boiler room operation to get money and only that. Mailing lists are provided and invitations are sent out to everyone. There is no research. You're a name on a mailing list or better yet A MARK. If you fall for the invitation and send it back to the company, the "leads" are given to so-called salesmen who then must call you and read from a script to get you to buy merchandise. Even if you tell them you do not want it, they keep pressuring you, then insult you and badger you. Their conversations are listened in on, not to find inaccuracies, but to make sure you are doing your job zealously. In most cases, even when you decline they send you a bill as if you wanted it and harrass you into paying. You will find entries in the books (which are declined by major libraries) with a brain surgeon's bio next to a guy who sells dirt. In the end, a book is published with raw data that is not checked. The bios are the bios people write about themselves. Not all the orders are published which keeps the profits high, correspondence goes back and forth until you're worn out with your complaints.

One incident which really stands out is the CEO of a major airline who ordered 10 sets at $1,014 each for his family. He actually was sent only 5 copies of the book because they did not want to spend money on postage and 6 plaques. This is an ego trip in which to get you to empty your pockets. I resigned from this company. They kept my salary and vacation pay and reimbursement money and although I won in court, I never saw a dime.


To be honest, I have never even heard of the "Strathmore's; who’s who". Just today I opened an invitation from them to join. So I did the responsible thing and Googled it. Guess what I found? A multitude of websites telling me just what I wanted to know. My conclusion? The Who's Who is a bunch of bunk. If I was so concerned of having my name in print I would just take out an ad highlighting how wonderful I am. Truly, does anyone care? In my opinion work ethic is all that matters. Letters in a book can't prove or disprove our talents and success. Being noticed by peers as a success in my Market brings a certain satisfaction you can't buy. Thank you for the great information. I loved reading all the comments.

Philip L Franckel, Esq.

My grandfather is listed, and I am listed as his grandson, in Who's Who in Paris where Who's Who really means something. These publications mean nothing in the United States. They are solely an attempt to make sales and they are quite good at that. I receive many junk mail invitations to be listed in all kinds of Who's Who from different companies. These companies offer to list my name and sell me a certificate or plaque.


I live in a rural Texas town pop 748 people and 2700 cattle. What cow in it's right mind would want to see me in a book that costs a lot of money. That's what I call high priced toilet paper.

Lisa Coburn

I just got a invitation to Strathmores Who's Who; after being told about the "honor" they told me that it would only cost me $600+
for a life membership or $300+ for a three year membership. I passed.
At least with some of them, you can say yes to the listing and just pass on buying a book.


Haha, you know what makes this even more hilarious? I'm a 17 year old in high school and I received an "invitation" to the Who's Who Registry.

It makes you think how much people waste money on these "titles".

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