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April 18, 2005


Jeff Lerman

Anybody have a good educational source or consultant that/who can help us learn more about value pricing instead of hourly billing?

Enrico Schaefer

Welcome to all those law firms which not only accept alternative billing models but embrace them. There is no question that each case and each client is unique. Billing methods ought be tailored to suit the needs of each situation and create incentives to be efficient, strategically discerning and client-goal oriented.

The current incarnation of hourly billing simply fuels anti-lawyer bias and is slowly destroying our professional reputation. Billing every minute of every hour (or pushing partners and associates to do so) creates terrible anti-client incentives to (1) simply drag cases out as long as possible (2) overkill every issue whether important or not and (3) ignore strategies designed to meet the client's goal.

At our firm, the client's are literally blown away when we tell them there are options to hourly billing.

Enrico Schaefer
Traverse Legal, PLC

Michael McLaughlin

Kudos to McGuireWoods for recognizing the need for new thinking about pricing.

They may shake their market with their pricing strategies, but building an ad campaign around a firm's pricing approach seems like a loser as a differentiator over the long haul.

When a client has a real issue, they'll pick the best firm for the job, not the one with the most creative pricing alternatives.

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