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Jack Payne

Trouble is the associates have no better understanding of "legal" crime than the partners. This is the breakthrough in law that clients everywhere are eagerly awaiting--from both associates and partners.

Hard to understand why law, from the "street" side of the fence, to this day, is still not taught in law schools.

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Hard to understand why law, from the "street" side of the fence, to this day, is still not taught in law schools. thanks


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Client development is an essential part of marketing, good luck!

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Oh yes, this article is great! Only we can understand this laws.

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I contributes a lot with client develotment

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That was awesome! Thanks for the recommendation! I even did a review on my website! To follow the laws are so impotant Oh ya....I like "When the company managers see that the firm already understands and cares about their business, Davis notes, they are much more inclined to seek the firm's help on legal matters"

Law Firm Marketing

I can't say I completely agree regarding some points, but you certainly have a unique perspective. Anyway, I like the words " "People hire lawyers, as opposed to law firms," Ellis said. "People need to like you first. And they need to want to help you develop, especially as a junior lawyer."

And don't approach a prospective client with a script or a pitch. "


I like this topic, how associates can contribute to client development, I hope we can make some more important action on this.


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Sherman Unkefer

This blog really help those new lawyers how to get that trust of a company and have them take care of their legal matters for them.

William Taylor

Very helpful article on a critical area within Law Firm marketing.


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