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One-Line Bio

Helping law firms get new business with strategy, training and retreats.


Larry Bodine is a business development consultant who helps law firms generate revenue and get new business by:

  • Developing business development strategies.
  • Coaching lawyers to develop their personal business development plans.
  • Speaking about business development at firm retreats.
  • Using technology to market the firm.

He has advised firms as large as a 3,000 lawyer global law firm to a 5-lawyer trial boutique in Chicago. For more information, see He can be reached at 630.942.0977 and

Marketing Strategy

Many firms simply "dress up their lawyers like hunters," send them into the woods and tell them to shoot at anything that moves. Obvious this works poorly. Our approach is to outfit the firm a hunting organization, give it a plan to follow, identify targets, and provide the lawyers the tools they need to acquire the target as a client.

Among many others, this approach has been highly successful for:

  • Chuhak & Tecson, one of the 50 largest law firms in Illinois, based in Chicago. I trained 20 of their partners, who were not generating new files, and within nine months they brought in $1,000,000 in new revenue.
  • Shipman & Goodwin, a 150-lawyer firm with offices in Hartford, Stamford, Greenwich and Lakeville, Connecticut. It was recognized by Chambers USA as a leader in litigation, and corporate, employment and real estate law.
  • DurretteBradshaw, a boutique specializing in commercial and complex litigation, bankruptcy law, health law, and business law. Six of its lawyers were named "Super Lawyers."
  • Novack and Macey, a 27-lawyer litigation boutique. After writing the firm's strategic plan and presenting it to firm management, we personally trained all the partners. As a result the firm had its best year financially in its history.
  • Huck, Bouma, Martin, Jones & Bradshaw, P.C., Wheaton, IL, the largest law office in the Western suburbs of Chicago.
  • Kenney, Shelton, Liptak and Nowak, an insurance law boutique with a total staff of 40 in Buffalo.
  • Califf & Harper, a 137-year old law firm in Moline, IL, which represents public bodies, closely held corporations, businesses, families and financial institutions and various national corporations.
  • Anthony J. Colleluori and Associates, a criminal defense firm in Woodbury, NY.

Our successful approach is to analyze the firm's top clients, financial results, marketing materials and competitors. We will conduct personal interviews with a number of the firm's key personnel, including rainmakers -- frequently discovering information that was not shared firmwide.

Our Marketing Plan will identify the firm's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It will identify prospects for cross-selling and small clients that can be grown into "crown jewel" clients. We discern the industries in which the firm has experience and identify target companies to pursue. The plan will make practical recommendations to improve the firm's most visible marketing initiative -- the Web site.

This will not be a plan that sits on a shelf gathering dust, because we'll embed the plan with the two elements to make business development count, which will get the lawyers out of their offices, generating new leads.

To energize the lawyers, we'll present the Marketing Plan at a high-impact presentation for the entire firm. This kickoff presentation provides the spark to ignite business development activities.

Now that the firm has the "score for the orchestra," we will meet with individual lawyers about their specific role, and develop a personal marketing plan. This personal coaching has helped firms develop a million dollars in new revenue.

Call us at 630.942.0977 to get a marketing strategy that will make you money.


Helping law firms get new business with strategy, training and retreats.